It’s all about your perspective on the situation.

Isroff Mediation Services offers the experience to reconcile disputes between parties in a way much different from the expensive, time-consuming litigation process. Ron is able to engage parties in a manner that helps them understand the problem areas of a case while also sharing his insight into the realities of probable outcomes.  This method allows for a confidential setting where direct and relevant communication can occur as a means to explore settlement options.

Isroff  Mediation Services delivers a flexible, cost effective and timely option to lengthy litigation.  Unlike the courtroom, clients are able to address emotional needs and personal concerns with an impartial professional whose primary goal is to bring the parties together to create a resolution.  During facilitated caucuses, parties express their perspectives on their areas of concern and disagreement and Ron uses his years of experience as an advocate, negotiator and mediator to help the parties brainstorm creative proposals to achieve a satisfactory resolution.