Solving disputes outside of the courtroom is a common goal for our clients.  Isroff Mediation Services  delivers an alternative to a court or jury trial by providing third party binding resolution to parties in dispute.  With 45 years as a litigator, Ron has experienced, firsthand, the challenges and expense of defending clients in a courtroom setting and he now brings that perspective and understanding to his role as an arbitrator.

As a neutral, he objectively evaluates the facts and evidence presented by both parties and will use his common sense approach to render a fair and impartial decision on the dispute based on the law and facts of the case.  Ron has had extensive training and clearly follows the rules and procedures of arbitration which are guided by a code of ethics to ensure the case is dealt with fairly and equitably.  Many individuals and businesses have found the approach of Isroff Mediation Services to be cost-effective, private, timely, and less formal than litigation.